Afirmativ Negativ Interogativ Interogativ-negativ
I do I do not do – I don’t do Do I do? Do I not do?
You do You do not do – You don’t do Do you do? Do you not do? –  Don’t you do?
He does He does not do –  He doesn’t do Does he do? Does he not do?

Doesn’t he do?

She does She does not do –  She doesn’t do Does she do? Does she not do?

Doesn’t she do?

We do We do not do –  We don’t do Do we do? Do we not do?

Don’t we do?

They do They do not do–  They don’t do Do they do? Do they not do?

Don’t they do?



Afirmativ Negativ Interogativ Interogativ-negativ
I did I did not do – I didn’t do Did I do? Did I not do?
You did You did not do – You didn’t do Did you do? Did you not do?

Didn’t you do?

He did He did not do –  He didn’t do Did he do? Did he not do?

Didn’t he do?

She did She did not do –  She didn’t do Did she do? Did she not do?

Didn’t she do?

We did We did not do –  We didn’t do Did we do? Did we not do?

Didn’t we do?

They did They did not do –  They didn’t do Did they do? Did they not do?

Didn’t they do?



Afirmativ Negativ Interogativ Interogativ-negativ
I shall do – I’ll do I shall not do – I shan’t do Shall I do? Shall I not do?  Shan’t I do?
You will do

You’ll do

You will do not – You won’t do Will you do? Will you not do?

Won’t you do?

He will do

He’ll do

He will do not – He won’t do Will he do? Will he not do?

Won’t he do?

She will do

She’ll do

She will do not – She won’t do Will she do? Will she not do?

Won’t she do?

We shall do – We’ll do We shall not do – We shan’t do Shall we do? Shall we not do?  Shan’t we do?
They will do

They’ll do

They will do not –They won’t do Will they do? Will they not do?

Won’t they do?



Afirmativ Negativ Interogativ Interogativ-negativ
I have done – I’ve done I have not done – I haven’t done Have I done? Have I not done?  Haven’t I done?
You have done

You’ve done

You have done not – You haven’t done Have you done? Have you not done?

Haven’t you done?

He has done

He’s done

He has done not – He hasn’t done Has he done? Has he not done?

Hasn’t he done?

She has done

She’s done

She has done not – She hasn’t done Has she done? Has she not done?

Hasn’t she done?

We have done – We’ve done We have not done – We haven’t done Have we done? Have we not done?  Haven’t we done?
They have done They have done not –They haven’t done Have they done? Have they not done?

Haven’t they done?




Afirmativ Negativ Interogativ Interogativ-negativ
I had done – I’d done I had not done – I hadn’t done Had I done? Had I not done?  Hadn’t I done?
You had done

You’d done

You had not done – You hadn’t done Had you done? Had you not done?

Hadn’t you done?

He had done

He’d done

He had not done – He hadn’t done Had he done? Had he not done?

Hadn’t he done?

She had done

She’d done

She had not done – She hadn’t done Had she done? Had she not done?

Hadn’t she done?

We had done – We’d done We had not done – We hadn’t done Had we done? Had we not done?  Hadn’t we done?
They had done

They’d done

They had not done – They hadn’t done Had they done? Had they not done?

Hadn’t they done?