For + Ac + infinitivul lung (cu to) se folosește după:

1. it is necessary, it is advisable, it is imperative (este indispensabil), it is impossible, it is easy, it is difficult, it is funny, it is high time, etc

  • It was difficult for me to believe such a thing.
  • It is advisable for her to arrive in due time.
  • It is impossibșle for the teacher to make such a mistake.
  • It is easy for you to learn that poem by heart.
  • It is necessary for us to meet as soon sa possible,

2. după verbul to be, în poziția de nume predicativ

  • The best think is for me to leave.

3. după verbul to be, în poziția de atribut

  • There is a new probem for you to solve.

4. după would like

  • I’ld like for you to know her.

5. cu valoare de CSc

  • I brought some food for you to eat.

6. cu valoare de CCM

  • It is too dfficult for you to carry that heavy parcel.