to account for – a explica, a justifica, a motiva

Gill couldn’t account for the money he spent.

to add up  – a avea sens, a se potrivi

There are some issues of the story that do not add up

to ask for – a cere

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you are in difficulty.

to ask after – a se interesa de ceva/ cineva

John asked after her health.

to bear out – a confirma adevărul, a corobora, ajustifica

His testimony bears out what I told you.

to break down – a ceda nervos, a-și pierde cumpătul

I broke down when I hard that my best friend had died.

to break off a întrerupe brusc, a lua o pauză, a se opri

They broke off the meeting for half an hour and had some cofee.

to break out – a izbucni // a evada

The epidemic broke out two years ago.

to break up – a se termina

The meeting broke up at 4 pm.

to bring about – a cauza, a determina, a aduce cu sine, a pricinui

What brought the quarrel about?

to bring down –  a demoraliza, a deznădăjdui

The bad news brought my mother down.

to bring off – a realiza cu succes, a reuși

After long talks, they finally brought the agreement off.

to bring on – a cauza (o boală)// a-și face rău

The flu brought on his pneumonia.

to bring up – a menționa, a aduce în discuție, a prezenta

She decided to bring the matter up at the next discussions.

to call by – a trece pe la cineva (locuință, birou)

He will call by and pick the papers next week.

to call off – a anula, a rezilia, a contramanda

Considering that several members cannot attend the meeting, we’ll have to call it off .

to call on – a face o scurtă vizită, a trece pe la

We called on our friends while in Constanța.

to carry away – (în special la pasiv) a emoționa

I was carried away by his music.

to carry off – a se descurca bine

Although the task was very difficult, she carried it off.

to carry on – a continua, a duce mai departe

They carried on talking despite the noise.

to carry out – a duce la îndeplinire, a realiza

He failed to carry out his promise to us.

to catch on – a deveni popular

The new fashion is catching on with girls.

to catch out with – a prinde din urmă, a recupera

Go ahead! I’ll catch up with you in a minute.

My daughter missed a week’s school and now she has to catch out with the other students.

to come about – a se întâmpla

I explained them how had the accident come about.

to come across – a găsi din întâmplare

I came across some old papers while tiding up the room.

to come along – a se grăbi

Come along! The train leaves soon.

to come into – a moșteni, a primi

She came into a large sum of money.

to come out – a publica, a apărea, a se ivi

His book came out last year.

The flowers came out in the garden.

to come over – a veni de la o mare distanță; a veni în vizită

My ancestors came over hundreds of years ago.

His friends are coming over for a party tonight.

to come round – a-și veni în fire, a-și reveni

His mother watched him by his bed all night until he came round.

to come up – a se apropia, a se întâmpla, a apărea

They come up to us in the street.

A problem came up and we did our best to find out a solution.

to come up with – a veni cu (o idee, soluție, răspuns)

Julia was not able to come up with a solution to the problem.