Atenție la următoarele perechi de verbe, substantive și adjective cu același sens care primesc fie infinitivul, fie gerundul:

  • MANAGE + infinitive
  • SUCCEED IN + gerund

I managed to reach that level.

I succeeded in reaching that level.

  • AIM + infinitive
  • AIM AT + gerund

The law aims to protect poor people.

The law aims at protecting poor people.

  • OCCASION + infinitive
  • OPPORTUNITY OF + gerund

I hope I′ll have the occasion to speak with her.

I hope I′ll have the opportunity of speaking with her.

  • (UN)ABLE + infinitive
  • (UN)CAPABLE OF + gerund

They were unable to utter a word.

They were uncapable of uttering any word.

OBSERVAȚIE – Gerundul se folosește după p r e p o z i ț i i

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